about us

In the consultation, your choice of many things may be achieved. They are in home consultations and can be used on any item listed below:

  • colour consultation
  • Illustrated floor plan
  • Space planning
  • lighting consultation
  • sourcing items for space
  • Assistance in choosing custom drapes, furniture, products and finishes
  • Decorating consultation
  • Organization services
  • personal shopping

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    The full service design is a very detailed, thorough and complete design process for your space from beginning to end. It consists of four steps in which all of the above services are also included.

    »Step 1:
    Client - designer meeting:

    We meet to discuss your space. We assess your needs and wants. We discuss your vision, and application of elements and principles for your space. We also review and discuss the existing space and the challenges and changes we can make to eliminate or improve them. We discuss your priorities and concerns. We will look at photos and anything you would like to keep or incorporate in the design plan.
    With this , I will begin to create and tailor a design plan for your space achieving your vision.

    »Step 2:

    A design plan proposal is presented to you including a layout guide, source list, floor plan, inspiring photos, and budget, and timeline. Here, you will see functional concepts developed to meet your needs taking into account unique solutions for your space. We will alter the design plan furthermore so the design plan will fit to your needs and wants perfectly. Once this final plan has been finalized and documented , you approve the design plan.

    »Step 3:

    With the design developed, approved, and documented, this phase is having your vision become reality! We begin to source all items and objects for your project.

    »Step 4:

    At this time, the design plan discussed is arranged and installed fully and completely into your space.

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    Statistics show that homes for sale that are staged sell faster and for more than those that are not. Why?Because by staging a house, you are transforming it to an object of desire. Did you know that the average staging investments generally less than 1% of the homes asking price, which generates a return of 8 - 10%. And is sold 43% faster than unstaged homes. It takes only 6 seconds for a potential buyer to decide if they like your home enough to buy it.

    Save time and money by letting us bring out the best in every room in your home because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

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    Crazy about Christmas?
    So are we!

    Whether it is an elegantly decorated mantle, tree, or space...... We know just how to light up your home so it is flawless aesthetically, perfectly set up and spaced for the holiday season. We will add that professional touch of an elegant, Christmas cheer and joy to your home. Your Decorations will be the envy of everyone who sets eyes on them.

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