Little Luxuries and How To Afford Them

We all love looking at pretty (and many times expensive) things and wonder how we can have them in our own homes. Well what if I told you that besides waiting for a sale , there are ways to do just that. Weather it’s luxurious linens, daily fresh flowers, or high end decorative items, there IS a way to get these all that won’t break the bank either!

Before we go any further , lets talk about perspective and priorities. Your idea of little luxuries fir your home may be different than your friends, your mother or anyone else. Your friend may prefer to have fresh flowers on a daily basis rather than invest in a good set of linens and maybe you would have it the other way around. There are so many different things that are considered “little luxuries” and everyone has a preference or priority of what they prefer. The important thing is to prioritize your “little luxuries” by what brings you feelings of happiness in your space.

1. Prioritize.

What do you love to see in a space? It might be flowers, or candles, or a good set of linens. It may be a few things or just one , but its important to choose the things that “speak to you” or have significance to you in one way or another. Not only will this help you create a pleasant ambient but also will also create a positive energy in the home as well.

2. Lets talk about the “B” word.

Budget. The magic word that’ll feel intimidating at the beginning of a project for many people , but as a designer and decorator, I can tell you with all the confidence in the world, that this too will depend on your perspective. Let me explain, I compare two extremely similar spaces , with many of the same objects, and the same design concept and colour scheme, but I can assure you one would have cost significantly less than the other. Why? Because perspective and imagination (and a few tips, tricks, and short cuts) were put to work together to create a high end concept while respecting a budget. By changing things like the place you source your products, getting creative with a DIY, or substituting one expensive item for another one that’s not so expensive can make a huge difference in budget. Let me give you an example:

I want to create a centrepiece for my coffee table. For the tray, maybe ill go to Canadian Tire and pick up a circular or rectangular shaped hanging mirror and just lye it flat . Something with a pretty border and it’ll probably cost around $40. Then, ill go to HomeSense and pick up some trinkets spending about $30(hopefully on sale but if not its ok because its still going to be a great price …. its HomeSense lol). I’ll add some scented candles from Bath & Body Works (sign up for their promotional emails and you’ll know whats on sale) that I found for half price for a total of about $25, then ill make a quick stop at my local grocery store to pick up some stems for about $15 that I’ll trim and fluff and later add to a vase that maybe I've already picked up and have at home . Now this gives me a total spent of about $110 that Ill only have to replace the $15 and $25 perishable items as frequently or infrequently as I wish, but I would have created a lovely coffee table centre piece which could have easily cost up to $230.

Now like I mentioned above , your preferences for little luxuries for your home may not be the same as mine, but here I have listed four of the most popular items in the market today and some tips on the best ways to afford them, and make them look like luxury:

1. Fresh Flowers

There’s just something special about fresh flowers and what they do to a room that nothing else can. These may or may not be affordable depending on the type and where you pick them up. Look for florals in your local grocery store. Don't despair if your grocery stores flower display is less than inspiring. Grab all the flowers in the same colour that you can get your hands on and you'll be amazed what a difference a little trimming and fluffing will make.

2. Luxury Candles

We see these exotic looking candles in hotels, online, and in the most posh posts and magazines as part of the particular spaces decor. A great way to unwind is with your favourite scent. Keep a luxe candle on your bedside or in your entrance. There are many places you can pick up affordable candles but mine would have to be Bath & Body Works. They don't only have great scented candles but you can also pick up one of their trendy and chic candle holders. Your space will have a heavenly aroma as well as achieve that luxe look as well.

3. Luxury Bed Sheets

How many counts was that? And How much was that??!! Beds take up a lot of space in a bedroom. They not only take up a lot of actual space, but visual space as well. That’s why a beautifully made bed with the right linens can make the whole room look amazing. A beautiful luxurious bed is not only made with high end linens . It’s no secret that when it comes to bed linens the higher the thread count , the heftier the price. But I’ll tell you now, you CAN get the luxury linens on a budget. Go for a nice set of fine bed sheets and layer onto it with a quilted bedspread. Add decorative pillows and a cushiony duvet cover to make a stunning impact on the entire bedroom decor. Your style and creativity is the limit, so open up your closet and get ready to go crazy.

4. Nightstand Details.

Achieving that elegant and luxurious look on a nightstand can be tricky. It happens to all of us. The bedside table all too often gets buried under books you’ve been meaning to read, snacks and boring alarm clocks. With just a few tricks, that little table can be transferred into an elegant and luxurious focal point. Choose items that have a balance of scale and proportion for your nightstand. For example, a reading lamp that is too large will not only overwhelm the nightstand, but will also overwhelm the little trinkets you would like to add later . Colour is also key when decorating a nightstand. make sure all items you choose are all in the same colour family and coordinate with the bedding. This will create a monochromatic look which is inarguably one of the classiest styles of all time.

There you have it !! Those are the top picks on Luxe items for your home and how to use them and achieve those designer luxury looks as well. I would love to hear from you and if found these ideas helpful to you. Until next time ………

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