freshening up your floors

The trend for chic floor coverings is more popular than ever - small wonder with grande results for any room….. 

Sometimes we think we will sacrifice comfort for style, and because of this many of us hesitate to purchase that perfect piece for our home. And particularly for this article, we are talking about area rugs. Area rugs can be placed over any floor finish and will always anchor a space together and will add visual value to your home. 

When choosing an area rug for your space, you should always be considering sustainability, comfort, functionality, maintenance, and aesthetics. An area rug can be the natural starting point or canvas on what your design concept will be created around. Not only should an area rug be sustainable offering exquisite comfort and softness underfoot, but it should also host an array of colours and pattern that is consistent to your colour scheme and design concept for the room. Particular area rugs will create the scheme that says YOU, from the ground up, whether that means classic plain or vibrant pattern.


How do you choose the right one?

If you want something classic, think neutrals. Your area rug will provide a beautiful base that you van build your room design and concept on allowing you to change your interior style with ease and flexibility. Neutrals can be used in any scheme, from rustic to modern to contemporary, and you can then add splashes of colour using cushions or accessories to instantly brighten up any space. 

For those more daring, they will find their match in a patterned and vibrant area rug. This is also a great option for high traffic areas. You can tap into the hottest new trends or the seasons go to style that will offer fun and interesting visual appeal. 

So it looks fab and oh so soft and comfortable, but is it durable?

Think about what kind of pile you want - low, medium, or high. Low pile rugs are generally sturdier than medium or high and easier to vacuum, keep clean, and maintain all around. They are also less expensive than high pile rugs.Rugs with a higher pile are softer, more luxurious, and very comfortable underfoot. They will make rooms look cozier and more inviting. 

You should also consider lifestyle the choosing an area rug. Be honest with yourself about how much are you willing to do to maintain it. Low pile rugs can be easily cleaned at home, while higher pile rigs need to be professionally cleaned. Try to keep your rug out of direct sunlight and don't let stains set in.  But no matter what type you choose, be sure to use a rug pad. This will give an even softer feel underfoot. 


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