Time To Get Your Sparkle On And Unwrap your Holiday Style! (if you haven't already!!)

Just as the holidays bring joy and happiness, they can also bring feelings of personal nightmares in attempts to determine what your home’s holiday style is and at the same time, how to go about accomplishing the other 1,000,001 things you need to finish and get ready before the big day. Fear not… I’m here to help. I will be talking about different styles and how to achieve them! 


Formal Elegance

This one is for those of you (including myself) who ride or die by the more is more mantra….. this season is made for you!! Tis the season to let your inner Christmas child run wild and go all out. Generous and abundant is in the air and an absolute must for this style’s category. This is your time to go all out with fuller garlands, sparkled bows, glittered ornaments, embroidered napkins, and that special, detailed china and kitchenware you save especially for this special day.


Tips to achieve the luxe, elegant look:

*Choose a palette of three to four colours that include two metallics, e.g.: Royal blue - gold - silver or rose gold - white - silver - pink .

*A table setting using your chosen colour palette featuring embroidered napkins, handwritten calligraphy place card settings in a metallic marker at the dinner table for each guest.

*Abundant evergreens and garlands with glitter trimmed ribbon of your choice meanwhile staying within your colour palette.

*Choose pretty, glam, and sophisticated prints for your gift wrap that would be consistent with your colours and theme.


Free Spirited Cheerful Eclectic

Cheerful, happy, fun, cute or whatever else you want to call it ….This is for all of you who love to have fun with your festive displays but also want to keep it Chic. This is for the inner child in us that takes us back to the Fam – Jam Christmas at home and good ol’ childhood days. Although with this style, you have free reign to use as many colours as you want, I would recommend staying within the same intensity for all the colours. Wait, what?

Let me explain… simply use as many colours as you would like to for the ornaments all while keeping it consistent with the shades and tones, for example: either all bright, vibrant, and intense colours stay together , or you can use pastel or soft colours if you prefer. Try not to mix pastels with vibrant or vice versa.


Tips to achieve this look:

* Choose a colour palette of up to eight colours, include two metallics, but keep your colours in the same shade level. For example: royal blue, emerald green, fuchsia, scarlet red, intense orange, violet purple, and gold….or soft pink, baby blue, mint green, soft yellow, silver, lilac, pastel orange, rose gold.

*Choose funky and unique ornaments like plastic candy ornaments, mini resin donuts, or even ice cream ornaments. Ornaments are now available in wide range of fun and diverse styles and colours. This is a great way to make your tree shine above the rest while takin’ it back too the good ol’ days… no tinsel or ugly sweater required.

* Choose 4-5 different prints and coloured gift wrap and further mix it up while wrapping to create an even more cheerful effect ( if thats even possible) by merging the contrasting paper together and finishing it with a different colour ribbon and bow. In other words go even more crazy when wrapping your gifts, but remember just like the above, stay within your colour palette.


Contemporary and Classy:

You are all about restraint, clean lines that embody luxe minimalism.  Whether for the holidays or everyday, you like to keep it classy. Small Christmas decor ornament additions to your home are sufficient and will create the perfect ambience for your home and family. Keeping it consistent with the existing colours in your home will make for a beautiful, calm, but festive result without going over the top.


Tips to achieve this look:

* Choose a colour palette of only two colours. Greenery is a must.

* Use simple and abundant garlands on staircases and mantles that have only a few simple ornaments in your colour palette.

* Ornaments can be simple and classic. Choose only 2 - 3 styles of ornaments.  Try to choose the same ornaments but change the textures. For example: purchase a package of assorted ball shaped ornaments in one colour but are an assortment of different textures and sizes .. big, medium, small, shiny, matte but again… all in the same colour. Key: the simpler, the better.

* Use logs tied in bundles in front of fireplace tied with thin strands of Green for decor.

* Don’t be afraid to keep your tree decor somewhat bare with only a bit of ornaments. Although there isn't a lot on it, the diversity in shape and texture will give the tree just enough interest it needs. This will keep it clean and consistent with the style of your home. PERFECT!


Relaxed & Rustic

You are all about bringing the outdoors in. You love the natural, understated, casual not only for everyday, but for the holidays as well. Your style screams dreamy country setting with hot chocolate, gathered family toasting marshmallows around the fireplace, buffalo plaid and ornaments collected that are somewhat similar from a nature walk through the woods.  Meanwhile, the aroma of fresh baked cookies fills the house…. I’m loving it already!!!!


Tips to achieve this look:

*Colour Palettes that will work great are:

  1. Black, white, gold, and lots of greenery.
  2. Black and red buffalo plaid,red, black, gold accented with rustic Wood ornaments. Don't forget the greenery.
  3. Grey, white, silver, lots of simple greenery, accented with rustic Wood ornaments.

* Simple and abundant greenery on staircases, mantles, and door entrances.

*Use kraft paper to wrap your gifts. If you choose coloured kraft paper, finish and tie with burlap ribbon and bow. If you choose brown kraft paper, finish and tie with buffalo print ribbon and bow. Add a small stem piece trimmed from your garland or tree to the top of the gift to give a rustic and artful appeal.

*Adding scented candles of fresh greenery, chocolate, or ginger around the home is a great way to fill the home with Christmas magic. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful in finding your style and how to create and achieve your signature holiday style…….Please share your thoughts and feedback !

Until next time ……..

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